Cylindrical Grinders                                           Centerless Grinders 



              Surface Grinders                                            OD/ID Grinders




            EDM                                                             Jig/Vertical Grinders


Why Supertec Grinders?


  • Founded in 1954.
  • Began grinder manufacturing in 1966
  • Supertec-USA in operation since 1997.
  • Began by building machine tools for their own manufacturing needs (automotive & motorcycle parts).
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certifcation.


  • Solving grinding problems is an everyday issue at Supertec.
  • 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.
  • Holder of many grinder technology patents.


  • Multiple innovation awards.
  • Inspection and Quality Control in every manufacturing step.
  • Sustainable development, innovation, growth and excellence business philosophy.
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